Monday, 11 October 2010


Today Naomi and I went to Whitstable.  Whitstable is a lovely little beach town, northeast of Faversham. 

The sun was shining; the temperature was a perfect 68 degrees.  Since it was a non-holiday Monday, the High Street had just the right amount of shoppers.  It was brilliant!

We went into loads of shops.  Whitstable has a lot of self-representing artists, so there are all these cute one-room galleries along the street.  The town also has a lot of Charity Shops.   These are little stores dedicated to raising money for charity.  All the goods are donated, and the people working in the shops are volunteers.  I love going into Charity Shops -- it's like flea market heaven.  You never know what you are going to find. I've bagged some fantastic goodies:  A huge, gorgeous, spotless white quilt for £10.  Glassware.  Books.  DVDs. 

I've poked around Salvation Army and Deseret Industries stores back in the States.  They aren't bad, but I've never found anything I wanted to buy.  In contrast, the quality of a British Charity Shop simply cannot be beat.  Think upscale, street-wide yard sale in the rich section of town!    ;)

Oh, and I bought a pair of Wellies.  Wellies (aka Wellingtons), are rubbery boots, perfect for the rainy weather, for the Marshes, and for combing the beach when the tide is out.  Can't wait to try them out!


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