Thursday, 30 September 2010

How to pronounce: Faversham

I've lived in Faversham for three+ years.  In that time, I've walked around the High Street, crossed over the bridge, and gone to the doctors...and that's about it.  I guess it's time to really get to know the town I live in.  

Since living in England is kinda cool, I thought I'd start a blog to share my adventures with family, friends, and anyone who wants to experience an English village - virtually!

SPECIAL NOTE:  To all my American friends and family - a quick quide to pronouncing Faversham.

It looks like:  Faver (he owes me a favor) + sham (it's all a sham)

Yeah, well, it isn't.  :P

Fav (rhymes with HAVE)
er (sounds like AH, the 'r' is silent)
sham (sounds like SHUM)

Put it all together:  Fav a shum