Monday, 1 November 2010

The Florentine Boar

For the last three years, every time we went to Whitstable to visit the Potters, we went past The Boar out in front of Warehams antique store.

Every time, I said:  "I want to look into his eyes.  I want to sit on his back and have my picture taken."

So, finally I get my big chance . . . only to find out they SOLD HIM!!  He was gone!!!

Obviously, I was heartbroken.  Luckily, Naomi had this picture she'd taken ages ago, so I can share him with you. 

FYI:  Apparently, there are similar boar statues to be found.  Howard Castle has a Boar statue.   A marble copy of the Florentine Boar is at the Louvre.   The original was an ancient Greek marble statue, which was probably part of a larger group of statues creating a hunting scene.  On doing a Google search, there are many of them around, most a bit different from the fellow at Warehams.