Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Royal Albert Hall

Wednesday we went to the Royal Albert Hall in London for a science lecture (Stephen Hawking).  The hall is amazing.  We were lucky enough to get tickets in the Loggia (the fancy boxes on the first level).

To quote the official website: "The Royal Albert Hall was built to fulfil the vision of Prince Albert (Queen Victoria's consort) of a 'Central Hall' that would be used to promote understanding and appreciation of the Arts and Sciences...."

We were early and took a picture before the crowds came.

The Loggia boxes were originally sold on 999-year leases when the Royal Albert Hall opened in 1871, to help finance its construction costs.  About 1,200 of the venue's 5,500 seats are owned privately. 

The seats were perfect.  I'd love to see a play or musical from that spot!

There are actually a couple Loggia and Grand Tier boxes for sale right now. It's mental that you can spend 1.2 million on an area big enough for 8 people and a bar, but no toilet.

American Friends/Family:  Toilet is the preferred word.  Restroom/Bathroom is not used because you don't "rest" or take a bath in the toilet.  So, I'm not being rude when I use the term "toilet."  Well, not really, really rude.  LOL!



  1. @Naomi: Yup, it was. One of the weird things about being a fan of Stephen Hawking, is people assume you are an atheist. I'm always confused by the argument that science and religion are enemies. Not in my world: I love science, and I love God. :)